Next generation of cooling solutions that helps your company reduce energy- and food waste.

What we offer

Energy saving

We ensure energy savings on electricity for freezers, fridges and aircon.

Reduced staff and operating costs

We remove the ice and water problems in freezers & fridges which results in lower costs for staff and operation.

Reduced cooling technicians cost

We can half the number of cooling technicians hours.

Minor wastage

We double the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

How it works

CoolSaver minerals manipulate water molecules and change the polarity of water molecules and remove airborne pollutants from the air in refrigerators, freezers, other refrigeration units and air-conditioned commercial and public buildings, resulting in significant energy savings and many other benefits. CoolSaver's Minerals are 100% harmless for human and animal health.


CoolSaver conducts an analysis at the client to identify problems and potential areas for improvement. Data loggers are installed in a suitable area in order to record a status-quo result at the customer’s facility.



After about two weeks, we evaluate the results with the customer and suggest an optimization. We then implement our solution and start the second measurement with the panels installed to get an after-result.


The after-result is analyzed when the CoolSaver panels have been installed for two weeks. This analysis helps to quantify the achievement of CoolSaver panels for the customer and to consider corrections if necessary, or to further improve the result.



CoolSaver’s solution is now implemented and works actively to both save money and help the customer’s daily operations. We continue to monitor data and continuously follow up with the customer.

Certified by The Swedish National Test Institute

Independent tests performed at the Swedish National Testing Institute were done to test how much energy savings CoolSavers solution achieves and how much ethylene gas is removed. The tests showed an energy saving of 27% and a reduction of the ethylene gas where the shelf life of fruits and vegetables increased significantly.


McDonald's Tumba

“The staff testifies that the cooling is much faster now. There is also not much frost on the cooling elements in the cooling rooms anymore as the air does not condense. The environment feels safer to work in and the removal of ice is no longer a part of the staffs rutins.”

CoolSaver did an Installation at Kuljeet Singh in McDonald’s Tumba in December 2017. Kljeet’s problem before installation was icing in the freezer room which resulted in a major problem for the staff who had to scrape away excess ice and snow formation every week. The general environment in the freezer was also stressful and packaging became wet and muddy. This cost them a lot of time and money as well as high energy costs as the cooling units had to work at high speed. After CoolSaver’s products were installed, all problems with icing in the roof disappeared, which resulted in significantly reduced staff hours, operational problems, soggy packaging and a considerable energy saving.

By offering McDonalds a sustainable and green work environment, CoolSaver has had the honor of making installations in over half of all McDonalds in Sweden.


Coop Sverige

“The work was made easier with CoolSaver thanks to the fact that we got rid of the ice problem in the freezer and did not have to spend time scraping away ice. We can now instead put this time where it is needed, out in the store. ”

Jimmy Lidström, regional manager was one of several who were involved in the installation for Coop Norrbotten. The freezing rooms had major ice problems that affected both the freezers’ effect, energy efficiency and the working environment. After CoolSaver’s installation, all ice formation disappeared, the freezers became more efficient, the working environment improved and the store got energy savings on its cold. Previously, it was also necessary to continuously scrape ice in these spaces, a very time-consuming job. This time they could now instead put out in store with their customers.

CoolSaver currently has installations in most Coop stores around Sweden. We are involved and contribute to their green image and internal goals of being Sweden’s greenest food chain.

Stay Cool Kylservice

"Since we started installing CoolSaver with our customers, we have been able to reduce the need for emergency services and have a better climate in the refrigerator and freezer facilities."

Per Johansson runs the refrigeration company Stay Cool up in Härnösand and has for several years recommended and used CoolSavers products at his customers. A large part of Per’s job has previously been to go out on emergency calls due to a freezer breakdown in connection with ice formation. This made his everyday work difficult to plan and the customers were annoyed at the operational disruptions that arose. CoolSaver’s solution counteracts ice formation by lowering the humidity in customers’ refrigerators and freezers, which meant that these emergency jobs could be counteracted.

CoolSaver works closely with various refrigeration companies to facilitate their work, but above all to help the customer’s customer. Together, we contribute to a more sustainable & environmentally friendly business chain.

Sjöfartsverkets Isbrytare, Luleå

"Icebreakers on long expeditions to the North Pole. 2-3 times longer life for the vegetables"

The icebreakers FREJ, and the other icebreakers in Luleå are gone for long periods to, among others, Nordpoolen on expeditions. During these long voyages, the crew on board is dependent on keeping their vegetables & fruits fresh for as long as possible. CoolSavers products that remove the ethylene gas generated from the vegetables & fruits have made the crew have 2-3 times longer shelf life for their goods. This is a necessity when they are out on their long and challenging expeditions.

The crew also testifies that the cooling is much faster now in the cold rooms. There is also not much frost on the cooling elements in the cooling rooms anymore as the air does not condense, which means that you can reduce the number of defrosts and save energy.

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