CoolSaver can double the shelflife of fruit & vegetables, prevents ice build up in the freezer and removes bad odors. All with the help of a 100% natural product.

Consumer product


Place the CoolSaver panel in the fridge vegetable box, fruit bowl or at the top of your freezer.


CoolSaver’s natural minerals work actively to reduce moisture, ice and ethylene in the selected space. It is also stabilizing the temperature.



Your fruits and vegetables stay fresh up to twice as long,  bad odor in the fridge disappears & icing in the freezer is reduced. 


By stabilizing the temperature most food last longer, like diary products and other date sensitive food. 


Marcus Johansson

“Having good and fresh ingredients available at home is, in my opinion, one of the most important keys to succeeding in cooking. CoolSaver makes this possible by doubling the lifespan of fruit and vegetables. Now I don’t need to throw away food that gets bad completely unnecessarily.”

After installation, which is really just placing our CoolSaver product in the refrigerator, we get very positive and funny comments. ” What happened to all the water? ” “The refrigerator was odorless overnight ”,“ My vegetables stay fresh much longer ”. “Who cleaned the fridge? ” “There was no more ice in the freezer”.

In fact, all references are equally positive. Unlike electrical, mechanical or chemical solutions, we use all natural minerals and we get close to 100% successful results.

CoolSaver Fridge/Freezer