CoolSaver is included in framework agreement with Varsego Sweden AB & Hemglass in Sweden AB!

CoolSaver includes Framework agreement with Varsego and Hemglass for reduced energy consumption and ice formation at the depots.

We are proud to announce that we have started a collaboration with Varsego Sverige AB and the subsidiary HEMGLASS I SVERIGE AB and underlying depots, which aims to promote reduced energy consumption for the depots. ???????? In addition to reduced energy consumption, the collaboration also has the main aim of reducing operational problems and creating a safer and more efficient ice-free environment to work in ❄️????

This is how Johanna Sjöberg, Varsegos & Hemglass’ sustainability manager, describes this collaboration: “We look forward to the collaboration with CoolSaver. Reducing our energy consumption and ensuring that our employees have a safe working environment are two issues that are always high on our agenda. It will therefore be exciting to see how CoolSaver can contribute to both of these areas.”