CoolSaver x Super Tuesday

CoolSaver entered into a collaboration with the strategic design agency to undergo a total rebranding of the company and build a new visual identity that is in line with what the company stands for. The eminent agency SuperTuesday has been nominated for Agency of the Year 5 years in a row and (also won one year) and the work with brands such as Pressbyrån, Froosh, H&M (Treadler) among others.

To reflect what the company stands for, an identity was built with roots from the Nordic and Scandinavian areas, but at the same time a clear emphasis on Tech. CoolSaver is a GreenTech company that puts its value in a high-quality product with over 20 years of track record. The company’s core values ​​are based on wanting to be involved and influence society and, above all, the climate’s challenges with reduced energy consumption, more efficient energy use and reduced food waste.

Combining this well-tested product with a holistic approach and user-friendliness has meant that CoolSaver now offers a complete service that makes daily operations much easier and more cost-effective for its customers. With this vision in focus, SuperTuesday laid the foundation for CoolSavers new identity.

Words from CEO and Founder of SuperTuesay Simon Kamras: 


Why did you choose to work with CoolSaver?

We wanted to work with Cool Saver because their entire product is about improvements for so many. Better conditions for the grocery trade by minimizing problems with defrosting, reducing energy consumption and making their goods last longer. Private individuals also get extended shelf life for fruit and vegetables. It is difficult not to want to work with a product and company that creates improvements for companies, individuals and our environment.

What kind of identity did you want to deliver? 

We wanted to create an identity that was based on CoolSaver’s innovative product. Through finding a modern identity that combines two worlds – environment and innovation/tech.

How did the company’s history and brand story affect its visual identity?

The design was based on the core of the product, the minerals. The logo is made up of the components from these. In addition, we want to find an expression that feels modern, timeless and that does not become a copy of what most green-tech companies look like.

How do you convey the feeling of a modern GreenTech company?

There are many ways to do this. For us, it was about trying to be simple, clear and not complicate things. With an identity that communicates the CoolSavers values in the right way, and where the form enables all communication to emerge in the best way possible.