CoolSaver enters into a framework agreement with McDonald’s Sweden.

This enables green cooling, less ice formation and reduced service needs in all Swedish restaurants

CoolSaver uses a unique technology with 100% natural minerals that affects the water molecules and thus prevents moisture and condensation from forming before it accumulates into ice.

CoolSaver is a Swedish GreenTech company with its roots in Norrland and has today delivered more than 100,000 products worldwide. The company has an outstanding technology that removes condensation, or prevents condensation, which leads to energy efficiency and counteracts food waste. These are two current global goals that many companies are working towards, especially in the grocery trade & restaurant industry.

“We at McDonald’s in Sweden have had a long collaboration with CoolSaver, where several restaurants have installed equipment from CoolSaver. We can see that these installations have a positive effect on operational operations and also contribute to lower energy consumption. For this reason, a framework agreement has been signed that all franchisees in Sweden can join”- David Preis Equipment Manager McDonald’s Sweden

Unique technology using natural minerals

The oxygen and hydrogen atoms of the air normally form gaseous water as in connection with

temperature changes from higher to lower temperature, are linked and then moisture is formed in the form of condensed water. What happens in our panels is a molecular filtration of the air? The individual gaseous water molecules are prevented, through the contact with the minerals in the Coolsaver panel, from linking together and switching aggregation states.

The minerals thus affect the water molecules and thus prevent moisture and condensation from forming before it accumulates into ice. This also extends the life of the equipment. The technology is directly useful for all forms of cooling environments such as refrigerators, freezers and air-con.

“In recent years, several major players have been able to see how reduced condensation has positively affected operations, where optimized cold storage provides a better working environment with reduced operating costs, including electricity consumption. We are of course very happy to also have this trust from McDonald’s. For us, this collaboration is a big step in our GreenTech journey. CoolSaver is easy to install and we do it through a cooling company.” – Thomas Nordgren, CEO CoolSaver

Sustainability work

McDonalds is a player that is far ahead in its sustainability work and their impact is great as they are Sweden’s largest restaurant chain. With the CoolSaver product, McDonald’s will continue the journey towards a greener business linked to the global goals. To be able to save energy without using energy, counteract food waste without chemicals and reduce icing without costly emergency services and working hours for own staff. It is a sustainable and long-term solution.