Exciting times at BAPSEA | Program Singapore alongside the Swedish Energy Agency! 🌏

Our recent three-day conference at the Indo-Pacific Business Summit in Singapore brought together key players from Business Sweden Asia-Pacific, the Embassy of Sweden in Singapore, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, and Energimyndigheten.

It was a privilege to connect with the dynamic organizers, industry leaders, and agencies participating in the Business Summit—all working collaboratively to showcase and advance sustainable innovative Swedish technology!

Robert Andrén Director General at the Swedish Energy Agency presented how Sweden as a small country but leading in the world when it comes to developing climate innovations and how Swedish companies can can come into the worlds largest regional growth markets.

Special thanks to @Johan Forsell, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade, for delivering insightful speeches. He highlighted the immense potential for close cooperation between Sweden and the vibrant regions of India, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia as integral components of Sweden’s foreign trade strategy.

Our CEO, thomas nordgren, took the stage to share our groundbreaking initiative, CoolSaver. We are committed to developing sustainable technology that enhances the efficiency of Cooling, Aircon, and Ventilation systems. Our goal is to empower customers to operate more sustainably while reducing electricity costs. Together, we’re making strides towards a greener and more efficient future! 💡🌿

Thanks Jan Larsson, Emil Akander, Ludvig Hermansson, Moa Ståhlberg for organising this event.

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CoolSaver selected for the Energy Agency's BAPSEA program in 2023

CoolSaver was selected by the Swedish Energy Agency to be part of a Southeast Asia tour to promote energy initiatives from leading high-tech green companies.

A total of 11 companies were selected from the applicants. The need for a green transition in the future.

Link: The first companies admitted to the new program in Southeast Asia (


CoolSaver is included in framework agreement with Varsego Sweden AB & Hemglass in Sweden AB!

CoolSaver includes Framework agreement with Varsego and Hemglass for reduced energy consumption and ice formation at the depots.

We are proud to announce that we have started a collaboration with Varsego Sverige AB and the subsidiary HEMGLASS I SVERIGE AB and underlying depots, which aims to promote reduced energy consumption for the depots. ???????? In addition to reduced energy consumption, the collaboration also has the main aim of reducing operational problems and creating a safer and more efficient ice-free environment to work in ❄️????

This is how Johanna Sjöberg, Varsegos & Hemglass’ sustainability manager, describes this collaboration: “We look forward to the collaboration with CoolSaver. Reducing our energy consumption and ensuring that our employees have a safe working environment are two issues that are always high on our agenda. It will therefore be exciting to see how CoolSaver can contribute to both of these areas.”


CoolSaver technology now available for private households!

Now we have made it possible for private households to use the same technology in your fridge & freezer that food stores, restaurants, hotels and hospitals have used for years to reduce food waste and energy consumption.

CoolSaver was once started because of a passion for sustainable technology. We want to help businesses and every household that uses refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners to make financial savings and at the same time reduce waste by optimizing the indoor air quality.

For more information- check out our consumer website:


CoolSaver - Breakit

Read our article in



CoolSaver breaks new ground - First installation in Finland! 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

CoolSaver breaks new ground! First installation at McDonalds in Finland! 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

We have long had a long collaboration with McDonalds where we have installed in half of the Swedish restaurants! In our collaboration, we help McDonald’s with their sustainability work, save energy, reduce operating costs and avoid scraping ice in their freezer / cold room.

This year we entered into a Framework Agreement with McDonalds and look forward to continued installations in restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland!


CoolSaver X Denmark🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

CoolSaver continues to break new ground! First installation at McDonald’s in Denmark! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

About a week ago we did our first installation in Finland and now we have done our first McDonalds in Denmark, Esbjerg.

This is our continued collaboration with McDonald’s to strengthen sustainability, save energy and reduce operating costs!


CoolSaver X BlomsterRingen

“CoolSaver feels like a good and long-term solution that is in line with our sustainability work!”

Our customer Rickard, who runs Blomsterringen on Södermalm and Västermalmsgallerian in Stockholm, talks about his view on sustainability and why he chose to invest in CoolSaver’s solution.


Swedbank Rivstart - CoolSaver 2nd place of 912 other companies !

CoolSaver participated in Swedbank Rivstart’s Entrepreneur competition linked to companies that work primarily in sustainability. The theme of the competition was “Sustainable Conversion”. A total of 912 companies participated in the competition, where in the end 5 finalists were selected for the final.

The final meant pitching in front of the eminent jury at Swedbank’s Head Office in Sundbyberg, Stockholm:

Jens Henriksson, Swedbank CEO
Peter Carlsson, Founder NorthVolt
Richard Båge, Founder Mediaplanet, Insplanet
Alexander Pärleros, The Success Podcast
Deqa Abukar, Co-Founder Bling StartUP
Kajsa Leander, Founder Berga Bruk
Paul Svensson, TV chef, Maträddarna
Noel Abdayem, Founder The Humble Co
Lisen Bratt Fredricson, Swedish Rider, Entrepreneur

Marcus Nordgren, who was a representative of CoolSaver, went all the way to a 2nd place and a profit of 250,000 SEK  and a tailor-made company’s development program by Swedbank.


CoolSaver enters into a framework agreement with McDonald's Sweden.

This enables green cooling, less ice formation and reduced service needs in all Swedish restaurants

CoolSaver uses a unique technology with 100% natural minerals that affects the water molecules and thus prevents moisture and condensation from forming before it accumulates into ice.

CoolSaver is a Swedish GreenTech company with its roots in Norrland and has today delivered more than 100,000 products worldwide. The company has an outstanding technology that removes condensation, or prevents condensation, which leads to energy efficiency and counteracts food waste. These are two current global goals that many companies are working towards, especially in the grocery trade & restaurant industry.

“We at McDonald’s in Sweden have had a long collaboration with CoolSaver, where several restaurants have installed equipment from CoolSaver. We can see that these installations have a positive effect on operational operations and also contribute to lower energy consumption. For this reason, a framework agreement has been signed that all franchisees in Sweden can join”- David Preis Equipment Manager McDonald’s Sweden

Unique technology using natural minerals

The oxygen and hydrogen atoms of the air normally form gaseous water as in connection with

temperature changes from higher to lower temperature, are linked and then moisture is formed in the form of condensed water. What happens in our panels is a molecular filtration of the air? The individual gaseous water molecules are prevented, through the contact with the minerals in the Coolsaver panel, from linking together and switching aggregation states.

The minerals thus affect the water molecules and thus prevent moisture and condensation from forming before it accumulates into ice. This also extends the life of the equipment. The technology is directly useful for all forms of cooling environments such as refrigerators, freezers and air-con.

“In recent years, several major players have been able to see how reduced condensation has positively affected operations, where optimized cold storage provides a better working environment with reduced operating costs, including electricity consumption. We are of course very happy to also have this trust from McDonald’s. For us, this collaboration is a big step in our GreenTech journey. CoolSaver is easy to install and we do it through a cooling company.” – Thomas Nordgren, CEO CoolSaver

Sustainability work

McDonalds is a player that is far ahead in its sustainability work and their impact is great as they are Sweden’s largest restaurant chain. With the CoolSaver product, McDonald’s will continue the journey towards a greener business linked to the global goals. To be able to save energy without using energy, counteract food waste without chemicals and reduce icing without costly emergency services and working hours for own staff. It is a sustainable and long-term solution.


CoolSaver launches on Amazon

CoolSaver is now officially Authorised Amazon seller and will launch our consumer products there for you to buy in the beginning of next year. We are also in the process of re- designing our packaging to make it more environmentally friendly, sustainable and customer friendly. 

We are looking forward to making CoolSaver available for not only businesses but every household. You will be able to use the same product in your fridge & freezer that food stores, restaurants, hotels and hospitals have used for years to reduce food waste and energy consumption. 

One step closer towards a green planet with less food waste and energy consumption.


CoolSaver x Super Tuesday

CoolSaver entered into a collaboration with the strategic design agency to undergo a total rebranding of the company and build a new visual identity that is in line with what the company stands for. The eminent agency SuperTuesday has been nominated for Agency of the Year 5 years in a row and (also won one year) and the work with brands such as Pressbyrån, Froosh, H&M (Treadler) among others.

To reflect what the company stands for, an identity was built with roots from the Nordic and Scandinavian areas, but at the same time a clear emphasis on Tech. CoolSaver is a GreenTech company that puts its value in a high-quality product with over 20 years of track record. The company’s core values ​​are based on wanting to be involved and influence society and, above all, the climate’s challenges with reduced energy consumption, more efficient energy use and reduced food waste.

Combining this well-tested product with a holistic approach and user-friendliness has meant that CoolSaver now offers a complete service that makes daily operations much easier and more cost-effective for its customers. With this vision in focus, SuperTuesday laid the foundation for CoolSavers new identity.

Words from CEO and Founder of SuperTuesay Simon Kamras: 


Why did you choose to work with CoolSaver?

We wanted to work with Cool Saver because their entire product is about improvements for so many. Better conditions for the grocery trade by minimizing problems with defrosting, reducing energy consumption and making their goods last longer. Private individuals also get extended shelf life for fruit and vegetables. It is difficult not to want to work with a product and company that creates improvements for companies, individuals and our environment.

What kind of identity did you want to deliver? 

We wanted to create an identity that was based on CoolSaver’s innovative product. Through finding a modern identity that combines two worlds – environment and innovation/tech.

How did the company’s history and brand story affect its visual identity?

The design was based on the core of the product, the minerals. The logo is made up of the components from these. In addition, we want to find an expression that feels modern, timeless and that does not become a copy of what most green-tech companies look like.

How do you convey the feeling of a modern GreenTech company?

There are many ways to do this. For us, it was about trying to be simple, clear and not complicate things. With an identity that communicates the CoolSavers values in the right way, and where the form enables all communication to emerge in the best way possible.