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    Most common questions

    How long does the installation of the panels usually take?

    The installation of the panels is very smooth and simple. Your business can even be in full operation and does not need to shut down. The time it takes can vary depending on the size of the installation. We have done a supermarket in one day as an example.

    How much are my energy costs expected to be reduced with the help of CoolSaver?

    By lowering the condensation in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, the compressors do not have to work as hard, which leads to a reduced energy consumption. CoolSaver can guarantee an energy saving of at least 8%, but delivers an average of 10-30%

    How can the panels reduce wastage?

    Ethylene is a natural gas which is produced by fruits, vegetables and plants. It accelerates the maturation process and is the reason that bananas turn brown, flowers wither and the vegetables go bad. CoolSaver’s solution removes the ethylene content of the air almost completely. The shops have less waste and the clients get products with higher quality and longevity. By the way, all food will last longer due to the optimized environment.

    How do you know what results you have achieved?

    Our specialized technicians collect a large amount of data both before and after our solution is implemented. This provides a clear result for us and the customer. Follow-up and the right advice are a central part of our work and most relevant to deliver the best possible short and long term result.

    Our clients often see the result already after 24-36 hours. Less ice on the floor and no new water or icing. In air con systems you can feel the changes in the air already after a few minutes. It feels cooler.