We optimize the air quality and help your industry reduce energy costs, reduce waste and help the operation and maintenance of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. We save energy without using energy.

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Energy Saving

We ensure energy savings on electricity for freezers, fridges and aircon

Reduced staff and operating costs

We remove the ice and water problems in freezers & fridges which results in lower costs for staff and operation

Reduced cooling technicians cost

We can halv the number of cooling technicians hours

Less wastage

We double the shelflife of fruits, vegetables and flowers

Benefits of using CoolSaver

  • Better work environment
  • Fresher air

  • Removes odors

  • Reduces condensation

  • Reduces water and ice formation

  • Eliminates or reduces the growth of virus, bacteria & mold

  • Addresses many health and safety issues 

  • Reduces ice-related work accidents

  • Streamlines refrigeration equipment

  • Reduces defrost times

  • Reduces CO2 production

  • Increases service life of the equipment

  • Reduces the frequency of maintenance and service

  • Contributes to a more green & sustainable brand 

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